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How to Keep Your Diesel Clean

Fri, May. 17, 2013

FCLCODWe've all been there -- the power goes out and instant panic sets in. Until you remember that you have a backup generator for just this type of situation. You rely on that generator to run your servers, emergency equipment or entire facility. 

But if you haven't tended to the diesel fuel in your storage tank, it could easily be contaminated with water and particulate, causing failure and requiring expensive repairs. 

One way to keep your diesel clean and dry is to replace the fuel at a set interval. This will ensure that your generator has all it needs to function in case of an emergency; however, it can prove to be costly.

What if we told you that you didn't have to replace the diesel, even if it were contaminated? 

How Dirty Diesel Fuel Compromises Production

Before we get to that, let's first take a look at how dirty diesel can negatively impact your production. There are three main sources of diesel fuel contamination: dirt and particulate, water and microbial organisms. Each of these sources must be removed from diesel fuel to prevent issues. Not only do these contaminants plug filters, they likewise damage expensive fuel injectors, which shuts down generators until the injectors can be replaced.

With all the adverse outcomes that can occur, it's that much more important that you keep your diesel clean. Ready to learn how?

The Clean Diesel Fuel Solution

The solution lies with FCLCOD (no, that wasn't a typo). It's our coalescing filter cart for diesel fuel. The FCLCOD conditions diesel with high efficiency particulate filtration and water coalescing technology. This prevents premature on-board filter plugging, injector wear, water-related failures and algae growth.

Within an hour, your filthy fuel will return to functional use, thus saving you the expensive cost of replacing the diesel altogether. Your ISO codes will be lowered, and water will be rapidly removed.

Once again, your generator will be reliable and ready to produce power for whatever storms may come your way.

Click here to learn more about our FCLCOD diesel coalescing and particulate removal filter cart.

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Written by Jim Harlan


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