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Hydraulic Valve OEM System Upgrade Reduces Failures

Fri, May. 24, 2013

cranes and hydraulic valves

The Problem: Hydraulic Fluid Contamination 

A manufacturer of mobile, multi-function valves for heavy lifts and cranes was battling hydraulic fluid and contamination-related failures on four operating production lines.

After facing multiple challenges, including 25 hydraulic pump replacements in a single year due to wear and failure, a finished product consistently testing below quality specifications and fluid repeatedly measuring above suitable ISO code levels, the manufacturer needed a new solution. 

The Solution: Element and System Upgrades 

One of the four production lines was turned over to the Hy-Pro team for a solution. A four-month trial on Hy-Pro DFE rated element upgrades and other improvements including repair to reservoir air leaks and breather upgrades was conducted in comparison with the current element supplier. The target ISO code was set at 17/15/13.

With the repairs and breather upgrades in place to stop ingression and DFE rated filter element upgrades, the ISO code plummeted from 22/21/19 to 12/11/7, which represented more than a 99.9% reduction in particles 4µ[c] and larger as the quantity of particles dropped from ~40,000 per ml to ~20 per ml.

The Result: Increased Efficiency    

The plant's expectations were exceeded, leading to great reductions in downtime, higher productivity and a finished product that consistently achieve its quality standard.

Download the case study to read Hy-Pro's custom solution.

Diesel Fuel Filtration Case Study


Written by Jim Harlan


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