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Saw Mill Hydraulic and Lube Oil Contamination Control

Tue, Jun. 18, 2013

logging mill logs and lube oil contamination

The Problem: Contaminated Fluid Means Downtime 

Sawmills operate using multiple pieces of large equipment and heavy machinery with hydraulic systems. Unfortunately, when this equipment becomes degraded with contaminated fluid, it means unplanned downtime for the sawmill and lost profits and decreased production levels. The financial burdens due to contaminated oil can feel enormous when the resulting costs are added up. 

The Costs and Opportunity   

saw mill hydraulic and lube oil contamination

When all factors are considered, like hours for maintenance personnel, replacement parts, fluid consumption and the decrease in profitability because of these things, it is easy to understand the substantial cost impact that occurs due to fluid that is not well-maintained. Figuring out the levels of contamination in your fluid and working out a solution provides an excellent opportunity to bring down overall operating costs and increase production and efficiency.

The Solution: Total Systems Cleanliness Approach

At Hy-Pro, we recommend implementing the Total Systems Cleanliness Approach, which we've found helps maximize uptime, extend component life, extend fluid life, reduce maintenance resource demands and reduce fluid disposal costs. Upgrading to DFE rated G8 Dualglass filter elements with absolute efficiency, installing Hy-Dry Desiccant Breathers and installing additional off-line filtration where necessary can be very effective.

See how one mill saved over $380,000 in one year through properly caring for their fluids.
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Written by Jim Harlan


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