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Dirty Oil Leads to Downtime at Coal-Fired Power Plant [Infographic]

Wed, Jan. 24, 2018

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The Problem: Oil with MPC Values of 250

A coal-fired power plant in the Philippines has a scheduled shutdown. Upon shutdown, it is revealed that the turbine lube oil, Shell Turbo 32, in the system has suddenly darkened. After conducting MPC and ISO code testing, it is determined that the oil’s current state is unusable with MPC values as high as 250 and ISO codes at 20/17/10.

The plant is in immediate contact with Shell to purchase and expedite replacement fluid, but Shell is unable to fulfill the request of 60,000 liters, at the cost of $200,000, in the allotted amount of time for the scheduled shutdown. The plant, in fear of unforeseen downtime leading to the inability to restart the system in the scheduled time, contacts a distributor currently working with Hy-Pro products within the plant and makes him aware of the situation.

The Solution: 2 SVR 1200 Machines 

The distributor working with Hy-Pro representative, Peter Creet, came up with a plan of action on how to rectify the situation. The plan: to recondition the oil by installing and continuously running two Hy-Pro Soluble Varnish Removal (SVR) 1200 machines with ICB technology as well as a in-depth sampling and testing regiment.

Included with the machines were two extra sets of ICB filters ready to swap out with used filters as needed ensuring that the plant would not have to wait on anything to continue day-to-day operations.

The Results: Better-Than-New Oil 

After installation and within the scheduled shutdown time, the Hy-Pro products were able to bring MPC and ISO code values down to an acceptable level to start back up, while continuing the reconditioning process for another five months.

After six months of continuous filtration, the plant was able to recondition the previously unusable oil to a before-new cleanliness level; MPC values dropped from 250 to 6.54; ISO codes improved from 20/17/10 to 13/12/11 and the customer could not have been happier.

Overall, the customer was prepared to spend $200,00 on new oil to fix their problem. With Hy-Pro products the customer spent less than $40,000, saving over $160,000, and producing ISO codes much lower than the new oil.


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Follow the timeline from problem to solution in the infographic below. 

coal fired power plant infographic  

Written by Dustin Flynn


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