Diesel Fuel Filtration Upgrades

Today's diesel engines require cleaner fuel with injector pressures approaching 30,000 PSI and the evolution of injectors into sophisticated expensive electronic components.  Diesel engine manufacturers have learned that ultra fine particles that were of little consequence at 3,000 PSI are now causing premature failures at 30,000 PSI.  Diesel fuel lubricity has also decreased with the move to ULSD (ultra low sulfur diesel) fuels.  These changes and others have resulted in:

  • Premature fuel injector and pump failures
  • Reduced on-board fuel filter life
  • Increases in diesel fuel consumption
  • Increased down and operating costs
  • Lost production

Hy-Pro solutions to these problems include:

  • DFE rated filter element upgardes to replace antiquated cellulose media elements
  • FSL and COD bulk tank circulating and dispensing skids
  • High flow low pressure housing upgrades for all fuel dispensing points

What HY-PRO provided:

  • Diesel Fuel Filtration
  • ISO Code

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