Hydraulic Valve OEM System Upgrade Reduces Failures

A manufacturer of mobile, multi-function valves for heavy lifts and cranes was battling hydraulic fluid contaminated related failures on four operating production lines.  Learn more about the solution! 

Several conditions had prompted the search for a solution including:

  • Twenty five hydraulic pump replacements in a single year due to wear and failure.
  • Finished product consistently tested below quality specifications.
  • Fluid was consistently measured above suitable ISO code levels.

One of the four production lines was turned over to the Hy-Pro team (including Hy-Pro distributor M&R Hydraulics) for a solution.  A four month trial on Hy-Pro DFE rated element upgrades and other improvements including repair to reservoir air leaks and breather upgrades was conducted in comparison with the current element supplier with at target ISO code of 17/15/13.

With the improvement and Hy-Pro elements on board ISO codes dropped from 22/21/19 to 12/11/17 which represented a 99.9% reduction in particles 4µ[c] and larger, a 99.9% reduction in particles 6µ[c] and larger and a 99.9% reduction in particles 14µ[c] and larger.  The plants expectations were exceeded leading to great reductions in downtime, higher productivity, and a finished product that consistently achieve its quality standard.

This case also details how distributor value added services such as fluid analysis / trending/ reporting, maintaining element stock levels and becoming an integral part of the lube team.  


What HY-PRO provided:

  • DFE Rated Filter Elements
  • ISO Code

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