Paper Machine Lubrication Filter Element Upgrade

The lube system supplying cooled and filtered lube oil to the roller bearings on the paper machine dry end was consuming a substantial amount of filter elements.  This large paper producer was searching for a solution to reduce bottom line profitability by reducing element consumption and ISO fluid cleanliness codes.

Hy-Pro was challenged to improve average element life of ~41 days and ISO code 20/15/9. 

Hy-Pro lube specific element design HP8314L39-6LB was applied yielding a drop in ISO code from 20/15/9 to 19/11/6 which represents a 93.7% drop in particles 6u[c] and larger.  Since the upgrade average element life has been extended from ~41 days to ~61 days.


What HY-PRO provided:

  • DFE Rated Filter Elements
  • Field Test
  • ISO Code

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