Paper Machine Main Lube Element Upgrade

This paper mill was seeking improvements in ISO fluid cleanliness codes and average element life.

The challenge was to drop from ISO code 20/17/16 and extend element life beyond an element life average of ~30 days with the current filter elements utilized.

On-line particle counting was used to quantify fluid cleanliness before and after the upgrade to Hy-Pro DFE rated elements.  The result was at least a 4 digit ISO code drop on each channel from 20/17/16 to 16/12/9.  This translates into a 90.8% reduction in particles 4µ[c] and larger, a 98% reduction in particles 6µ[c] and larger and a 99.5% reduction in particles 14µ[c] and larger.

Element change intervals were documented yielding an 81% improvement in life after the upgrade from 29.5 days to 53.6 days.  This can partially be attributed to the improvement in ISO codes for once the system is cleaner there are fewer internally generated particles to be removed.  With fewer particles in the oil the rate of additive depletion can also be expected to decrease resulting in extension of useful oil life making this upgrade a substantial money saver.


What HY-PRO provided:

  • DFE Rated Filter Elements
  • Field Test
  • ISO Code

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