Plastic Injection Molding Machine Element Upgrade II

A plastic injection molding facility was experiencing frequent equipment failures due to hydraulic fluid contamination. The failures were affecting their budget with unexpected loss of productivity, increased maintenance hours and replacement parts.

Hy-Pro was contacted to reduce the particulate contamination in the hydraulic oil and reduce the occurrences of equipment malfunctions. The facility had purchased a competitor's filter cart which was not reducing the fluid's ISO Cleanliness Code below 20/18/13. It was decided that the competitor's rolled paper type filter elements would be replaced with Hy-Pro filter elements.

After the Hy-Pro element upgrade there was a 99.9% reduction in particles 4µ[c] and larger, a 99.8% reduction in particles 6µ[c] and larger and a 99.9% reduction in particles 14µ[c] and larger. ISO codes dropped from 20/18/13 to 10/9/1!


What HY-PRO provided:

  • DFE Rated Filter Elements
  • ISO Code

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