Plastic Injection Molding Machine Element Upgrade

A large plastic injection molding facility was looking for ways to improve minimize equipment downtime and component repair & replacement costs.  Precise hydraulic control is required to produce molded parts that consistently meet and exceed requirements.

Hy-Pro presented the case for improving fluid cleanliness to extend hydraulic component life.  OEM specified filter elements were providing ISO Codes of 15/14/11 and Hy-Pro's challenge was to deliver ISO improvements.

After the Hy-Pro element upgrade there was a 50% reduction in particles 4µ[c] and larger, a 75% reduction in particles 6µ[c] and larger and a 75% reduction in particles 14µ[c] and larger.  ISO codes dropped from 15/14/11 to 14/12/9!


What HY-PRO provided:

  • DFE Rated Filter Elements
  • ISO Code

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