Steel Mill Hydraulic System Element & Breather Upgrade

The high pressure plate mill hydraulic system has several filter locations including bulk tank recirculation, pump discharge, servo pilot, return and recirculation.   Baseline ISO fluid cleanliness codes were 17/15/12.

The mill wanted the oil cleaner and Hy-Pro accepted the challenge to improve the system cleanliness.

After establishing the 17/15/12 baseline several filter element and breather upgrades were recommended.  Once the upgrade to all Hy-Pro DFE rated elements was complete on-line particle counting confirmed an ISO code drop from 17/15/12 to 12/8/<1.  Post upgrade there was a 97.2% reduction in particles 4µ[c] and larger, a 99.5% reduction in particles 6µ[c] and larger and a 99.9% reduction in particles 14µ[c] and larger.


What HY-PRO provided:

  • BF Series High Flow & High Efficiency Breathers
  • DFE Rated Filter Elements

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