SVR Lube Oil Varnish Removal Success

A peaking power plant was concerned about unit trip or fail-to-start conditions as one of the GE 7FA turbines had critically high varnish potential QSA® 100 (MPC ΔE ~60).  The phenol anti-oxidant additives were also at a critically low level of ~4% of new oil level.  Maintenance had also noticed that the main lube, pump discharge and actuator filter elements were coated with varnish deposits when changed so they were being changed quarterly instead of annually.  Servo valves were also being changed periodically because of varnish deposits to avoid a possible unit trip or fail-to-start.

The contamination challenge was to remove the varnish deposits suspected throughout the lube and hydraulic systems that were supplied with oil from a common reservoir for both systems (common GE 7FA design).  With phenol anti-oxidant additive levels extremely low the propensity for deposits to form was very high.

The SVR was installed on the combination lube and hydraulic reservoir and reduced the varnish potential from MPC ΔE = 60 to MPC ΔE = 35 in 15 days and to condition normal within 45 days.  After 60 days MPC ΔE stabilized at single digits.  Maintenance personnel removed the filter elements after achieving condition normal and reported no varnish deposits.  Inspection of servo valves also yielded no evidence of varnish deposits.  Filter element changes have been extended to standard annual intervals. 


What HY-PRO provided:

  • ICB Element Technology
  • Soluble Varnish Removal Skid

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