V1 Mini Vacuum Dehydrator Successes

Paper mills are commonly plagued with water contamination in hydraulic and lube oil.  This particular mill used the V1 mini vacuum dehydrator to condition several small reservoirs with great success.

Application #1 was a super calendar CC 200 gallon / 757 liter lube reservoir running PM220 with a reservoir temperature of 110F / 43C and water contamination at 1400 ppm.  After 48 hours of unattended operation the water level was reduced to < 100 ppm.

Application #2 was a wet end vacuum pump 300 gallon / 1,125 liter lube reservoir with a temperature of 125F / 51C.  At the time of installation the fluid contained 20,000 ppm of water and after 72 hours of operation the water level was reduced to 60 ppm.

Application #3 was a 200 gallon / 757 liter tote of reclaimed AW46 hydraulic oil at ambient temperature of approximately 80F / 26C.  The oil was contaminated with 10,000 ppm of water and after 24 hours the water level was reduced to < 100 ppm.


What HY-PRO provided:

  • Vacuum Dehydration
  • Water Removal

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