The Problem

A large papermill was living with the extra expense of main-bearing lube filter elements that were reaching their terminal DP change limit on an average 3-week interval. This was disruptive and costing the company over $70,000 in additional filter expense. This mill never stops, running all day every day, so staying operational is a top priority. In addition to frequent filter changes, the mill was missing its 17/15/12 ISO fluid cleanliness code, the maximum limit for particles 4u and larger.

The actual average ISO fluid cleanliness code for the mill was 18/15/12, which is twice the particle limit allowed in the system. High ISO codes, coupled with frequent filter changes are not just expensive, but also leave the paper machine vulnerable to even more costly breakdowns and downtime.

The Solution

The company upgraded to Hy-Pro's HP619L40-6EB filter elements with the goal of improving cleanliness to a 17/15/12 or better and extending element life. The change interval was extended to 4 weeks with ISO codes trending to 17/15/12. To fully support our customer, Hy-Pro experts followed up with consultation about change frequency and longer element life associated with achieving lower ISO codes.

The Results

As a result, the papermill achieved a filter lifespan of 11 weeks after validating that the Hy-Pro upgrades maintained a 16/14/12 ISO code as differential pressure increased up to terminal DP, with a whopping 75% reduction of dirt in this critical paper machine main lube system.


What HY-PRO provided:

  • Consultation
  • Filtration Education
  • Hy-Pro's HP619L40-6EB Filter Elements

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