Hy-Pro Removes Acid from Quintolubric on EHC to Keep Base Load Turbine Operating!

Published Thursday, August 4, 2016 10:00 am by Aaron Hoeg

Quintolubric® is often used in steam turbine EHC systems as an alternative to phosphate ester. Although Quintolubric® doesn’t produce the aggressive acids formed in phosphate ester, the fluid is commonly replaced once its AN reaches a level of 9.0. New Quintolubric® has a starting AN of 1.0 – 2.0. ICB™ technology allows users to maintain their Quintolubric® at near-new oil levels, extending service life. In a parallel study two turbines were charged with new Quintolubric®; one was fitted with a total Hy-Pro solution (including ICB™ and TMR™ N2) while the other was not. After 2 years the AN on the treated system is 1.1 ... the turbine without is 3.7. Based on the current rate of acid formation, the turbine without will need to be replaced in 3 years. The treated turbine, on the other hand, will still have the same AN as virgin Quintolubric®! Contact us for more info on this important new development.