Water Removal Filter Element Upgrades

Hy-Pro A media water removal elements remove free water from hydraulic & lube oils and fuels down to fluid saturation point.  Water removal A media is used in combination with any selection of Hy-Pro DFE rated glass media and is available in any Hy-Pro element configuration.  Ideal for use in filter carts and dedicated off-line systems for conditioning fluids that are in service or for dewatering bulk fluids during fluid transfer. 

Consider Vac-U-Dry vacuum dehydration systems for removing water and particulate from oil in large reservoirs with periodic water contamination or constant water ingress.  V1 mini vacuum dehydrators remove water from small hydraulic & lube systems and gearboxes.  For fuels COD diesel coalesce skids rapidly remove free water with high single pass efficiencies on bulk tanks and during tanker filling or dispensing.

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