VUD Vac-U-Dry Vacuum Dehydrator

The VUD series vacuum dehydrators rapidly remove free & dissolved water from a range of hydraulic and lube fluids up to ISO VG680 lubricant.  Achieve and maintain water levels down to 10 ppm for any sized reservoir.  Applications include steel mill Morgoil systems, turbine lube reservoirs, oil flushing and reclamation, bio-diesel polishing, paper machine conditioning, and many more. 

Vac-U-Dry is available up to 100 gpm with many features that set the Hy-Pro unit apart including:

  • programmable thermostat and low watt density heaters
  • foam sensing and knockdown circuit
  • dual tank auto condensate water drain for 24x7 continuous unattended operation
  • high efficiency particulate filtration
  • flexible design options for any application
  • smart relay start-up and shut-down routines for easy operation
  • 4 vacuum pump choices to design your optimum unit

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