FSA(PE) Fluid Conditioning for Phosphate Ester

  • https://www.hyprofiltration.com/clientuploads/directory/Products/Images/FSAPE05_Thumb.jpgPrevent contamination related variable geometry valve failures, extend useful oil life.
  • Remove & maintain Acid Number to < 0.05 with ICB element technology.
  • Prevent & remove gels & deposit caused by other acid removal technologies (ICB technology removes dissolved metals).
  • Integrated TMRN2 (Nitrogen generator) prevents airborne water & metal ion ingression, and removes combustible dissolved gasses (prevent micro-dieseling).
  • Particulate & insoluble gel / sludge removal with high efficiency on-board filtration.
  • Maintain water content below 200 ppm with TMRN2 and minimize acid producing hydrolysis.

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