Varnish Prevention and Removal

  • FSTO Turbine Lube Oil Varnish Removal

    Ideal for Maintenance of Small Turbine Lube Oil & Compressor Reservoirs

  • Non Spark Discharge Filter Element Upgrades

    Filter element spark discharge is a recognized cause of fluid degradation in hydraulic and lube oil systems creating soluble by-products and sub-micron carbon particles that deplete additives, cause fluid darkening and lead to varnish deposits.  Hy-Pro NSD (Non Spark Discharge) elements are the solution.

  • OA-TO Turbine Oil Analysis

    Two levels of analysis; MPC only for trending varnish potential monthly & a deeper analysis for periodic monitoring.

  • SVR Soluble Varnish Removal Skid

    When combustion and steam turbines fall victim to unit trip or fail-to-start condition varnish is the usual suspect.  The SVR (Soluble Varnish Removal) is the proven solution to make varnish vanish!

  • VTK Varnish Potential Test Kits

    VTK varnish potential test kits yield Membrane Patch Colorimetric for lube oil varnish potential (MPC ΔE) per ASTM D7843-12.