Keep your systems running at peak performance

Our hydraulic filtration solutions and filter elements combat dirt, water, and oxidation by-products to keep your systems running smoothly.

The highest quality for your equipment 

When you choose Hy-Pro Filtration, you get the highest quality filters and the widest range of solutions in the industry. Over 500,000 filter element upgrades are available, built with advanced media and custom designs.  
DFE: Dynamic Filter Efficiency, testing, and validation deliver unmatched filter element performance, resulting in cleaner oil that lasts longer and keeps your equipment running at peak performance.  


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Your best defense against contamination 

The three forms of contamination, water, dirt, and oxidation by-products, are the leading cause of downtime in the industrial setting. Hy-Pro Filtration helps safeguard your systems to help you keep them running clean. Our solutions remove damaging contaminants, optimize performance, and save you money. 
We help you treat your oil as an asset to achieve your goals: 
  • Extend critical component and bearing life and prevent  costly downtime 
  • Lower your oil replacement and disposal costs
  • Improve overall performance
  • Help increase your sustainability efforts by extending oil life and reducing filter element consumption over time 

Your success is our mission

Hy-Pro has decades of experience helping industrial managers achieve their uptime and sustainability goals. We offer a wide range of filter systems designed to remove contaminants from fluids, and our team of experts works with you to develop the right solution for your specific challenges.

We provide education and training to help you understand the importance of fluid filtration and how to properly maintain your equipment. 

Industry-leading solutions

For over 35 years, Hy-Pro has provided customers like you with industry-leading solutions. We provide solutions for hydraulic and lube oil, diesel and bio-fluids, and other contamination challenges for:


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