Hy-Pro Filtration Gearbox Filtration

Industrial gearbox fluids are typically not filtered on-board and are changed on a time interval instead of keeping these oils clean and changed based on oil condition and remaining additive package.  Hy-Pro has the solution from large coal mill gearboxes to small conveyor gearboxes.

Coal Mill Gearbox Filtration

Break the drain and refill gearbox oil change cycle and improve reliability, extend useful oil life and avoid premature contamination gearbox rebuilds by installing Hy-Pro FSL dedicated off-line filter skids specifically designed for high viscosity lube oils.  High flow LF housings are also a good fit for adding high efficiency filtration to existing re-circulation lines on coal mils to control particles and water contamination. 

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Cooling Tower Gearbox

Service often comes with confined space requirements. Changing the oil by traditional gearbox drain and refills can and should be avoided by using portable or permanent dedicated filtration systems that feature particulate and water removal filtration. Avoid premature gearbox rebuilds and replacements, keep cooling towers turning, and avoid premature fluid replacement with Hy-Pro's range of off-line fluid conditioning solutions for gearboxes.

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Wind Turbine Gearbox Filtration

Transforming the motion of the wind into useable energy requires complex gearing and reliable lubrication.  Windmill gearing needs to maintain longer than normal component life because of the difficulty in servicing these remotely located and elevated gearboxes.  When a $1,500 bearing fails it can lead to production and revenue losses and replacement costs up to $200,000 (gearbox and crane).  Hy-Pro DFE rated lube and hydraulic elements deliver lower ISO Codes (cleaner fluid).  Dedicated FSL off-line skids keep fluids clean when undersized OEM side loops don't because they go into bypass in under 6 months.  The Hy-Pro V1 Mini Vacuum Dehydrator is ideal for conditioning in-service lubricants removing particles and water.  It's small enough to fit and runs on 120VAC 3P 60Hz < 15 amps.

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