Plastic Injection Molding

Molding Machine Hydraulic Filter Element Upgrades

Upgrade hydraulic control filter elements on HPU pump discharge, return, re-circulation and pilot servo valves to Hy-Pro DFE rated elements to improve reliability, lower ISO Codes and reduce hydraulic component repair & replacement. Hy-Pro offers the most complete range of element upgrades for sensitive plastic molding machine hydraulic systems.

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Hydraulic Reservoir Water Removal, Reservoir Conditioning

Hydraulic reservoirs on molding machinery are susceptible problems with water in oil from cooler leaks and condensation.  Hy-Pro Vac-U-Dry vacuum dehydration systems rapidly remove free and dissolved water to control water levels to < 30ppm.  On-board particulate filtration allows the application of high efficiency filter elements down to 1 micron absolute to lower overall ISO Codes and take pressure up to 300 gallons / 1125 liters.  Filter Carts can

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V1P compact vacuum dehydrator
Varnish Prevention & Removal for Plastic Molding Machines

The building blocks of varnish come from oxidation by-products that overcome the solubility of the oil, and thermal degradation from system hot spots, element sparking or pressure induced dieseling (micro-dieseling).  AW type hydraulic oils may require a different solution than what has been successful in turbine lube oil.  Contact us to learn more about our solution for varnish in AW hydraulic oil.

Hy-Pro HP107L18 High_7
Bulk Fluid Handling

Dedicated filtration and breathers on bulk storage is the first line of defense in preventing one of the worst sources of particulate and water contamination, new fluids. Bulk storage tanks collect contaminants from delivery vehicles and through ineffective breather arrangements. Eliminate this dangerous source of contamination before transferring new fluids into critical diesel applications. Filter Carts are also a valuable tool for keeping fluids clean when transferred from storage or tote to critical live systems.

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