Wind Turbines

Wind Turbines for Power Generation

Gearbox & Bearing Lube Elements

Hy-Pro DFE rated lube elements improve fluid cleanliness to avoid premature gearbox failure.  Hy-Pro lube elements are specifically designed with wind turbine gearboxes in mind to minimize clean element pressure to extend useful element life with the ultimate goal of extending service intervals beyond 12 months.  Water removal elements are ideal for wind mill gearboxes with water contamination where using off-line equipment is not suitable because of remote location or space requirements.  remove free water down to saturation with Hy-Pro A media water removal elements.

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Water removal filter element
Hydraulic Control Element Upgrades

Hy-Pro DFE rated elements yield cleaner fluid in wind turbine hydraulic speed, braking and pitch control systems on pump discharge and servo pilot filters. Prevent servo valve failures caused by contamination related failure. Hy-Pro Dynafuzz element upgrades feature stainless steel fiber media that is impervious to the effects that acid formed in phosphate ester can have on some glass medias. DFE rated non-sparking Dynafuzz elements provide superior fluid cleanliness and solve the media migration issue in phosphate ester EHC fluid.

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Gearbox Filtration

Break the drain and refill gearbox oil change cycle and improve reliability, extend useful oil life and avoid premature contamination gearbox rebuilds by installing Hy-Pro FSL dedicated off-line filter skids specifically designed for high viscosity lube oils.  High flow LF housings are also a good fit for adding high efficiency filtration to existing re-circulation lines on coal mils to control particles and water contamination. 

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Bulk Fluid Handling

Dedicated filtration and breathers on bulk storage tanks for lube and hydraulic oil is the first line of defense in preventing one of the worst sources of particulate and water contamination, new fluids. Bulk storage tanks collect contaminants from delivery vehicles and through ineffective breather arrangements. Eliminate this dangerous source of contamination and before transferring new fluids into critical power plant operating systems. Filter carts are also a valuable tool for keeping fluids clean when transferred from storage to critical live systems.

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Gear Lube water removal by vacuum dehydration

Gearboxes reservoirs are susceptible to problems with water in lube oil.  Hy-Pro Vac-U-Dry vacuum dehydration systems rapidly remove free and dissolved water to control lube oil water water levels to < 30ppm.  On-board particulate filtration allows the application of high efficiency filter elements down to 1 micron absolute to lower overall lube oil ISO codes and take pressure off of gearbox filtration side-loops.  Large Vac-U-Dry systems are available to condition reclaimed lube oil from drain and fill collection.  The V1 mini Vac-U-Dry is for transport into wind mill cabinet at < 250 Lbs and small enough to fit through a hatch.  V1 runs on 120 Vac 1P 60Hz < 15 Amps.

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