In-Plant hydraulics & Surface Mining Equipment Hydraulic System Filter Element Upgrades

Upgrade hydraulic control filter elements on HPU pump discharge, return, re-circulation and pilot servo valves to Hy-Pro DFE rated elements to improve reliability, lower ISO Codes and reduce hydraulic component repair & replacement. Hy-Pro offers the most complete range of element upgrades for sensitive paper mill lube & hydraulic systems.  Hydraulic applications include:

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Achieve CAT 5 Star Rating for Equipment Service

Learn about Hy-Pro's solution to help CAT service centers meet the stringent oil cleanliness requirements to achieve & maintain a CAT 5 Star rating.

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Lube & Hydraulic Reservoir Water Removal and Conditioning

Hydraulic and lube reservoirs frequently have problems with water in lube oil.  Hy-Pro Vac-U-Dry vacuum dehydration systems rapidly remove free and dissolved water to control lube oil water levels to < 30ppm.  On-board over-sized particulate filtration allows the application of high efficiency filter elements down to 1 micron absolute to lower overall lube oil reservoir ISO Codes and take pressure off of the main bearing lube duplex filters.  Large Vac-U-Dry systems are available to condition large lube or bulk oil reservoirs and the V1 Mini Vac-U-Dry is ideal for smaller hydraulic reservoirs in-plant or on mobile equipment.

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VUD Vacuum Dehydrator
Diesel Fuel

Today's diesel engines require cleaner fuel with injector pressures approaching 30,000 PSI and the evolution of injectors into sophisticated expensive electronic components.  Diesel engine manufacturers have learned that ultra fine particles that were of little consequence at 3,000 PSI are now causing premature failures at 30,000 PSI.  Diesel fuel lubricity has also decreased with the move to ULSD (ultra low sulfur diesel) fuels.  These changes and others have resulted in:

  • Premature fuel injector and pump failures
  • Reduced on-board fuel filter life
  • Increases in diesel fuel consumption
  • Increased down and operating costs
  • Lost production

Hy-Pro solutions to these problems include:

COD Diesel Fuel Particle & water Coalesce Conditioners

Rapidly remove particles and water with > 97% single pass efficiency to ensure that fuels in tank farms and fueling trucks are clean and dry.  These fluids should be dewatered from bulk tank to service truck and should at least be filtered while dispensed into mobile equipment to ensure high fuel efficiency and extend injector life.  We also have solutions for periodic or continuous conditioning of emergency stand-by reservoirs  so hospital and other emergency response generators start when needed.  For existing diesel fuel delivery systems we have particulate & water removal skids that can be fitted downstream of the existing dispensing pump.  Customizable solutions to fit your application up to 500 gpm / 1,875 lpm and higher.

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High Efficiency Fuel filter element & housing Upgrades

Feature G8 Dualglass Media optimized for high single pass efficiencies to ensure cleanliness not previously achieved by antiquated cellulose media or bag filters.  Hy-Pro DFE rated elements are available in a wide range of sizes to fit into the particulate filter housing at the fuel dispensing point.  Upgrade housings to Hy-Pro LF series filters with generously sized high efficiency coreless elements to remove the particles and have long element life too.

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Bulk Fluid Handling

Dedicated filtration and breathers on bulk storage and stand-by diesel fuels is the first line of defense in preventing one of the worst sources of particulate and water contamination, new fluids. Bulk storage tanks collect contaminants from delivery vehicles and through ineffective breather arrangements. Eliminate this dangerous source of contamination before transferring new fluids into critical diesel applications. Filter Carts are also a valuable tool for keeping fluids clean when transferred from storage to critical live systems.

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Dragline & Gearbox Filtration

Industrial gearbox fluids are typically not filtered on-board and are changed on a time interval instead of keeping these oils clean and changed based on oil condition and remaining additive package.  Hy-Pro has the solution from large coal mill gearboxes to small conveyer gearboxes.  Break the drain and refill gearbox oil change cycle and improve reliability, extend useful oil life and avoid premature contamination gearbox rebuilds by installing Hy-Pro FSL dedicated off-line filter skids specifically designed for high viscosity lube oils.  High flow LF housings are also a good fit for adding high efficiency filtration to existing re-circulation lines on coal mils to control particles and water contamination. 

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Power House Turbines

Hy-Pro has a full complement of solutions for lube & hydraulic contamination challenges in power generation. For more information on turbine related products and strategies please select the turbine type to visit the industry applications for Combustion or Steam turbines

Power Generation- Combustion Turbines, Power Generation- Steam Turbines