Fluid Reclamation

Vac-u-Dry Vacuum Dehydration Oil Purifiers

Reclaimed fluids from sumps or contaminated fluids removed from service can be restored to useable condition by removing particulate and water contamination.  Hy-Pro Vacuum Dehydrators rapidly remove free and dissolved water to < 10ppm while on-board high efficiency filtration elements featuring media down to 1 micron absolute rapidly reduce ISO CodesVacuum Dehydrator flow rates available up to 60 gpm / 225 lpm and viscosity range up to 680 cSt.  Water sensor reporting in percent saturation and optional on-board particle monitor let you know when the fluid is dry and clean.  For oils only needing particulate removal Hy-Pro Filter Carts for hydraulic or lube viscosity grade oils can handle flow rates up to 22 gpm / 82 lpm and higher with custom design flushing skids with or without heat.  Applications include traditional hydraulic and lube oils, phosphate ester, and even used motor and crankcase oils. 

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VUD Vacuum Dehydrator
Phosphate Ester, Polyol Ester & Vegetable Based Fluid Restoration

If phosphate ester fire-resistant (Fyrquel), polyol ester or other fire-resistant (i.e. BioSyn) fluids have been condemned for high acid number, gelling & deposits, water, dark color (sub-micron carbon by-products of thermal degradation) or high levels of dissolved metals Hy-Pro has a solution to recondition the fluid on-board or even if it has been removed from service.  Contact us for evaluation and, if suitable, a strategy to recondition these expensive such fluids to useful condition.

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High Efficiency flushing skid filter element upgrades

G8 Dualglass Media optimized for high single pass efficiencies to hit Target ISO Codes faster so you can get on to the next flushing job.  Hy-Pro flushing elements are available in a wide range of sizes to fit into the particulate filter housing on any type of oil conditioning or flushing skid. 


Cod Diesel fuel particle & water coalesce conditioners 

Rapidly particles and water with > 97% single pass efficiency to ensure that fluids in emergency stand-by reservoirs are clean and dry so hospital and other emergency response generators start when needed. 

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COD Diesel Conditioning Skid