Phosphate Ester Fluid Solutions

Phosphate ester (PE) based hydraulic & lubricating fluids (i.e. Fyrquel EHC or 220, Pyroguard) are used extensively in critical systems where fire-resistance is a requirement.  Millions of dollars and thousands of downtime hours are wasted each year by power plants, military and industrial users who need solutions to properly maintain PE fluids.  Many of these users have accepted the consequences that come with unmanaged phosphate ester such as:

  • Premature fluid replacement or bleed and feed
  • Contamination related servo valve failures (turbine trip)
  • Gelling & deposit formation (dissolved metal catalyst)
  • Expensive system flushing
  • High acid number
  • High moisture content
  • Dark fluid, foul odor (thermal degradation)

We believe it is time to rethink phosphate ester fluid maintenance and demonstrate that PE fluids are not a consumable fluid to be periodically replaced. We also hold  that Phosphate ester (PE) can be very reliable and provide years of trouble-free operation if properly maintained.  We offer technologies that remove 100% of the contaminants that plague PE and restore fluid systems to peak performance. 

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Hy-Pro and EPT have combined strengths to bring to market total solutions for phosphate ester fluid maintenance that include innovative products, Over 30 million hours of operating experience, ISO 9001 certified U.S.A. based manufacturing plus the technical factory and distributor support necessary to make condition based recommendations and follow them through to implementation and beyond. 

Contact us for guidance on any fire-resistant fluids

  • Fyrquel EHC, EHC-S, EHC-N
  • Pyroguard
  • Anvol
  • Turbo Dr
  • Biosyn (vegetable based PE alternative)
  • ECOSafe (PAG)
  • Quintolubric
  • Skydrol
  • Reolube
  • Durad