Paper Mill Lubrication & Hydraulics

PM Main bearing lube element upgrades

Hy-Pro DFE rated high efficiency glass media element upgrades are field proven to improve single pass ISO Codes through the main bearing filter duplex and also to lower overall paper machine lube system ISO Codes.  Hy-Pro manufactures three versions of the PM main bearing lube element depending on the relationship to clean element pressure drop and terminal ΔP alarm on the housings which allow you to maximize and greatly extend element usage.

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Lube & Hydraulic reservoir water removal, reservoir conditioning

Paper machine lube reservoirs frequently have problems with water in lube oil.  Hy-Pro Vac-U-Dry vacuum dehydration systems rapidly remove free and dissolved water to control lube oil water levels to < 30ppm.  On-board over-sized particulate filtration allows the application of high efficiency filter elements down to 1 micron absolute to lower overall lube oil reservoir ISO Codes and take pressure off of the main bearing lube duplex filters.  Large Vac-U-Dry systems are available to condition large lube oil reservoirs and the V1 Mini Vac-U-Dry is suitable for smaller reservoirs (vacuum pump, super calendar, etc).

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In-plant Paper mill & wood yard hydraulic system filter element upgrades

Upgrade hydraulic control filter elements on HPU pump discharge, return, re-circulation and pilot servo valves to Hy-Pro DFE rated elements to improve reliability, lower ISO Codes and reduce hydraulic component repair & replacement (i.e. bailing machine, body dump).  Hy-Pro offers the most complete range of element upgrades for sensitive paper mill lube & hydraulic systems.

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Water removal filter element
Power house turbines

Hy-Pro has a full complement of solutions for lube & hydraulic contamination challenges in power generation. For more information on turbine related products and strategies please select the turbine type to visit the industry applications for Combustion or Steam turbines

Power Generation- Combustion Turbines, Power Generation- Steam Turbines

Gearbox filtration

High viscosity industrial gearbox lubricants are typically treated with coarse on-board strainers or not filtration at all since the oil is commonly changed on a drain & refill routine.  Hy-Pro's innovative FSL off-line systems with generously sized filter elements are ideal for conditioning high viscosity lube oil with high efficiency glass media down to 1 micron absolute and also with water removal medias.  Save big money by avoiding premature gearbox fluid replacement and rebuilds.

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Boiler water Feed Pumps

Many BFP systems utilize antiquated coarse (edge wound or mesh) filtration resulting in dirty fluid and higher than acceptable ISO Codes.  Upgrade elements and housings to DFN series duplex or MF3 simplex housings featuring DFE rated high efficiency elements for years of reliable performance.

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Bulk Fluid Handling

Dedicated filtration and breathers on bulk storage tanks for lube and hydraulic oils and stand-by diesel fuels is the first line of defense in preventing one of the worst sources of particulate and water contamination, new fluids. Bulk storage tanks collect contaminants from delivery vehicles and through ineffective breather arrangements. Eliminate this dangerous source of contamination and before transferring new fluids into critical power plant operating systems. Filter Carts are also a valuable tool for keeping fluids clean when transferred from storage to critical live systems.

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Large compressors typically utilize the same turbine oils used in the turbine lube reservoirs and are susceptible to many forms of contamination including varnish, particulate contamination and water contamination. Hy-Pro has a suite of solutions available to improve compressor reliability including DFE rated element upgrades, Water Removal Elements, varnish mitigation and acid removal.

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