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  • Aluminum Refinery Gearbox Oil

    An Australian aluminum refinery was consistently performing premature gearbox lube oil changes on 7 base drive units due to oil and particulate contamination.

  • Auto Manufacturing Stamping

    An automotive stamping plant operating large presses to produce body panels was experiencing high surface finish defect scrap. Lubricating oil contamination was causing surface imperfections that would be visible after painting.

  • CATERPILLAR Service Center 5 Star Solution

    Learn about Hy-Pro's solution to help CAT service centers meet the stringent oil cleanliness requirements to achieve & maintain a CAT 5 Star rating.

  • Coal Pulverizer Gearbox Filtration Upgrade

    Add FSL off-line filtration to coal mill gearboxes to avoid premature gearbox rebuilds, ensure coal mill uptime, extend fluid life and break the cycle of annual gearbox drain and refill maintenance.

  • COT Turbine Oil Coalesce Skid Application

    COT10 was installed on a small steam turbine lube oil reservoir with water level near 800 ppm to reduce water contamination to < 80 ppm.

  • Diesel Fuel Filtration Upgrades

    Today's diesel engines require cleaner fuel with injector pressures approaching 30,000 PSI and the loss of lubricity in ultra low sulfur diesel fuels.  Learn more about Hy-Pro's solution.

  • FPL Saves Servo Valves

    Subpar filtration on a tire plant’s tire grinding systems was wreaking havoc on servo valves. In one year this plant repaired or replaced 198 valves. Read on to find out how much the FPL was able to reduce failures!

  • FSAPE Optimizes Peaking Power Plant

    Multiple trips and fail-to-starts related to electrohydraulic control (EHC) servo valve failures were compromising the reliablility and profitability of a combined cycle peaking plant (2 GCT on 1 ST).

  • Hitachi Excavator Hydraulic System Element Upgrade

    A hydraulic shovel was experiencing contamination related hydraulic failures (swing motors, piston pumps, servos) impacting an entire surface mining unit including several haulers.  Learn more about our solution in this rugged application.

  • Hydraulic Pump Reliability

    Pumps are the heart of hydraulic systems. When the pump fails, the entire system is down until the pump is operational again. This poses a serious threat to any operation relying on hydraulic systems for productivity. Recently, a hydraulic valve manufacturer was losing 25 pumps a year on their centralized hydraulic system at a cost of $2,440 each.

  • Hydraulic Valve OEM System Upgrade Reduces Failures

    A manufacturer of mobile, multi-function valves for heavy lifts and cranes was battling hydraulic fluid contaminated related failures on four operating production lines.  Learn more about the Hy-Pro solution! 

  • Improving Rolling-Mill Lube-Oil Performance and Useful Life

    Lube oil systems in steel mills and paper mills are commonly plagued with water contamination which compromises the lubricating properties of the oil and reduces useful fluid life.

  • Ineffective Filters Lead to High Costs at American Paper Products Manufacturer

    During a recent third quarter reassessment at an American paper products manufacturer, it was found that one contributing factor for increasing costs was related to the purchasing of filters for their main lube oil bearing system. Further investigation produced evidence that not only were costs increasing but ISO codes were as well.

  • Paper Machine Lubrication Filter Element Upgrade

    Paper machine main bearing lube elements were upgraded to Hy-Pro DFE rated lube design coreless elements yielding improvements in ISO code fluid cleanliness and element life extension.

  • Paper Machine Main Lube Element Upgrade

    Large paper mills rely on continuous production for profitability.  A solution with Hy-Pro was sought to improve lube oil ISO fluid cleanliness codes and extend element life. 

  • PFHB Isolates Hydraulic Component Failures

    Plastic bag recycling company reduces pump failures and eliminates motor failures in their shredder's hydraulic systems with the PFHB and DFE elements.

  • Plastic Injection Molding Machine Element Upgrade

    A large plastic injection molding facility was looking for ways to improve minimize equipment downtime and component repair & replacement costs.  Learn more about Hy-Pro's solution.

  • Plastic Injection Molding Machine Element Upgrade II

    A plastic injection molding facility was experiencing frequent equipment failures due to hydraulic fluid contamination. Learn more about Hy-Pro's solution.

  • Saw Mill Hydraulic and Lube Oil Contamination Control

    The Problem – Saw mills operate multiple pieces of large equipment with hydraulic systems.  When this equipment faces unplanned downtime due to important components becoming fouled from contaminated fluid profits decrease while production costs increase. This causes a huge financial burden that can feel exponential as components must be repaired or replaced.  Implementing Hy-Pro's Total Systems Cleanliness Approach will reduce downtime and expenses while increasing efficiency and productivity.

  • Steel Mill Hydraulic System Element & Breather Upgrade

    Hot roll plate hydraulic system DFE rated element and BF breather upgrades plus proper sample port installation yielding big ISO code drops.