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Application based contamination solutions tailored to meet your exact needs and exceed your expectations. Call Hy-Pro for more information.


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Custom FSL

Super high viscosity.

Applications such as dragline mining require oils in excess of ISO VG 680 that were previously considered unfilterable. Across the mines of Canada for more than three years, our dragline optimized filter skids have been eliminating unplanned downtime and maintenance in fluids with viscosities as high as ISO VG 1500 and temperatures down to 0°C. 

Extreme temperatures.

Whether you’re removing varnish from turbine oil in the deserts of the Middle East or particulate from lube oil in the frozen tundra of the Arctic Circle, Hy-Pro can integrate specialized cooling and heating with smart controls to tackle contamination in any environment. Gearboxes running too hot? Hy-Pro can design and build a dual function solution to condition the oil and maintain your ideal operating temperature.

Custom SVR

Custom FPL

Compact size restrictions.

Overcrowded plants and streamlined vessels require careful consideration when integrating filtration systems. Engineered for maximum efficiency in minimal space, our filtration systems are designed to excel at maximizing your efficiency no matter the application or the space requirements.

Mobile fluid handling.

Integrating fluid storage and mobility has never been easier with the ability to add reservoirs to any standard product line or a completely customized unit. Take clean fluids with you to top off reservoirs or completely replace discarded oil in as large of reservoirs as your heart desires.

Custom FPL

Custom V10

Explosion proof and code certified.

Navigating the red tape of safety classifications can be a nightmare. Take the hassle out of your filtration with systems designed and built to meet the regulations of nearly any certifications required.

Color coordinated to safety standards.

While we think Hy-Pro Blue is the perfect color for our equipment, all of our units can be tailored to meet your existing safety and identification standards.

Custom CFU