Stainless Fiber Media

Filter Elements for Power Generation and other fire resistant fluid applications.

Dynafuzz is ideal for long term exposure to aggressive fluids such as phosphate ester, Skydrol, Deionized water, and high temperature applications where traditional glass media binders can degrade leading to media migration.


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Advanced media solutions.

EHC systems using phosphate ester fluids (FRFs) develop aggressive acids when exposed to water. The acid attacks glass fiber media binders of critical pump discharge and last chance servo pilot filters. Lower filter efficiency, media migration and fiber shedding into the servo screens can result causing servo valve malfunction. Dynafuzz media is DFE rated to provide the same low operating ISO Codes and contaminant retention you expect with the fluid compatibility you need.

Dynafuzz options:

Dynafuzz media is available for all Hy-Pro high collapse filter elements that are found in turbine EHC, primary metal, and other hydraulic control applications where fire resistant fluids are used. For the most critical installations (nuclear power), optional 100% bubble point integrity testing and validation is available. Part number modifier example, contact Hy-Pro for specifications and pricing:

Dynafuzz Media Elements Comparison
Intuitive Upgrade

The PFQ290218V Westinghouse EHC upgrade features a 3SF Dynafuzz media element (β4[c] ≥ 4000) in place of a 10 micron glass media element. The bowl extension with top loading element service minimizes mess and accepts a double length element allowing the use of higher efficiency media and extended element life.