Lube Design

Low ΔP Optimized Glass Filter Media

A modified DFE rated glass media option for high flow lube systems with low ΔP alarm (1 bard, ~15 psid). Also ideal for undersized hydraulic filter assemblies or upgrading from wire mesh to high efficiency glass media.



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Lube Applications

High speed bearing lube oil systems in paper mills typically use higher viscosity ISO220 and ISO320 oils. A high clean element ΔP (i.e. 0.5 bard / 7psid) relative to a low ΔP indicator alarm setting (i.e. 1.25 bard / 18 psid) leads to reduced filter element loading and short element life. This type of condition can occur when changing to heavier oil or upgrading filter element efficiency in search of lower operating ISO Codes. Hy-Pro H and L media codes are designed specifically to optimize element life while maintaining filter efficiencies in these types of applications.

The perfect media for your application.

Hy-Pro DFE Rated *M media code is the Hy-Pro standard and is ideal for 99.99% of all hydraulic, lube and diesel applications. Contact Hy-Pro for selection and part numbers for H and L low ΔP modified media options.