Filtration & Fluid Conditioning Products – Hy-Pro Filtration

Filter Element Upgrades

Over 250,000 DFE rated filter element upgrades for all major filter manufacturers and OEMs plus enhanced designs NSD (non-spark), Dynafuzz (stainless fiber media), lube specific, water removal. 

Varnish Prevention & Removal

Hy-Pro has the provensolution to remove varnish deposits and restore fluid health to prevent varnish from forming in the future.  Stop varnish before it stops you!

Phosphate Ester Fluid Solutions

Experience years of trouble free EHC operation, avoid servo valve failures, expensive flushes and premature fluid replacement with our total Phosphate Ester solution.

Fluid Conditioning Equipment

Maintain proper fluid condition with Hy-Pro filter carts, dedicated off-line filtration, vacuum dehydration, turbine oil & fuel coalesce, soluble varnish removal SVR and electrostatic contamination removal systems.

Duplex Filter Assemblies

For critical systems where continuous filtration is required duplex filter assemblies provide constant filtration even when elements need to be serviced.  

High Pressure Filters

Maintain cleanliness for the most sensitive hydraulic systems with high pressure in-line filters for pump discharge, servo actuators & more up to 8700 psi / 615 bar.

Low Pressure Filters

High flow low pressure filters for in-tank return-line applications, bearing lubrication, in-line fuel filtration and off-line filtration.

Fluid Analysis & Monitoring

Take control of particulate & varnish potential with Hy-Pro patch test kits.  Oil analysis kits provide detailed information on oil condition including AN, water, elemental analysis & ISO code.

Reservoir Accessories

Hy-Pro breather products include Hy-Dry desiccant, high flow BF particulate breathers, and spin-ons.  Prevent one of the worst sources of contamination in lube, hydraulic and fuel systems.