Non-Spark Discharge Filter Elements

Hy-Pro NSD element and media technology is optimized to prevent spark discharge and minimize potential energy in bearing lubrication and hydraulic control systems.

NSD elements prevent oil degradation caused by thermal events associated with element spark discharge to extend fluid life and prevent anti-oxidant additive depletion.


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NSD Non-Spark Discharge Filter Elements
Cleaner fluid without sparking.

For some, the answer to preventing element sparking and high potential energy is to use coarse strainer type filters (Stat-Free) in the main bearing lube filter duplex. Although this may prevent sparking it renders the main bearing lube filter assembly useless in preventing catastrophic bearing failure due to contamination. Independent lab analysis proves that even Hy-Pro high efficiency 3 micron absolute (β5[c] > 4000) NSD elements are resistant to spark discharge.

Prevent varnish; promote efficiency.

With Hy-Pro NSD elements, any reduction in thermal sparking events and tribo-electric effect will have a positive impact by decelerating anti-oxidant additive depletion and extending useful fluid life. Field test data has shown that Hy-Pro NSD elements may even reduce or stabilize varnish potential values by preventing further degradation from sparking and collecting some insoluble oxidation by-products.

Eliminate damage caused by sparking.

As fluid passes through the typical tortuous filter media fiber matrix, turbulence increases which results in thermal events as the fluid layers shear, creating static accumulation on elements that can lead to high voltage spark discharge from media to support tube. Photos 1 and 2 show evidence of sparking on the filter element support tube (pitting and burning), and photo 3 shows filter media and support mesh from a lube filter element with spark discharge burn damage.