Reservoir Accessories

  • BF Breathers

  • Hy-Dry Desiccant Breather



    Hy-Dry desiccant breathers control moisture and particulate from entering reservoirs during air exchange.  Rugged designs are available high vibration mobile applications.

  • Hydraulic & Lube Oil Contamination Reference Chart (39" X 27")

    Water and particulate contamination reference chart for hydraulic and lube oil (39" X 27").  Contact Hy-Pro ( to request your free copy today!

  • In-Tank Suction Strainer Mesh Elements

    In-tank suction strainer mesh elements are available with nylon and corrosion resistant steel threaded end cap connections up to 3" NPT and G threads.

  • Spin-On Breathers

    Hy-Pro high efficiency high capacity spin-on breathers prevent contaminant ingression in to reservoirs, ideal for mobile applications.  Replace ineffective filler-breather caps.

  • TMR Reservoir Headspace Dehydrator

    TMR introduces air with 150°F dew point suppression into reservoir headspace to maintain water levels < 300 ppm in EHC reservoir phosphate ester (to 1,000 gal / 3,750 liter reservoirs).

  • TMRN2 Active Headspace Dehydrator + Nitrogen Generator

    TMRN2 is an active breather system that maintains the air in the headspace that continuously introduces clean dry Nitrogen.As the dry N2 transfers through the headspace at RH < 1% the oil gives up its water striving to achieve equilibrium with the dry Nitrogen in the headspace.

    Nitrogen is an inert gas so it will also removecombustible gases (ie CO2, C2H2, CO, C2H4, C2H6, CH4, H2) from the oil to reduce oxidation and fluid breakdown.