Turbo-TOC® Upgrades

Hy-Pro Filter Element Upgrades for Kaydon Turbo-TOC® Conditioning Skid Element Sets

Turbo-TOC® is a registered trademark of Kaydon Corporation.



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Elements that go beyond industry standard.

DFE rated elements perform true to rating even under demanding variable flow and vibration conditions. Today’s industrial and mobile hydraulic circuits require elements that deliver specified cleanliness under all circumstances. Wire mesh supports the media to ensure against cyclical flow fatigue, temperature, and chemical resistance failures possible in filters with synthetic support mesh.

Water Phase 1: Coalesce.

Stage 1 in removing the free and emulsified water is to coalesce the water into larger droplets until large enough to drop out of the oil. The Hy-Pro HPQK2G coalesce utilizes all synthetic media and non-woven materials providing great compatibility even over long term exposure to water.

Water Phase 2: Separator + Final Polishing.

The HPQK3P-3M upgrade is a dual functioning element providing the final stage of water separation with a final pass of particulate removal. The TEFLON® coated screen works with the coalesce element to act as a water barrier while the water droplets grow before being collected. The final conditioning is Hy-Pro 3M media rated β4[c] ≥ 4000, it’s a total solution.