Water Removal

G8 Dualglass Media with Water Removal Scrim

Media code “A” specifies G8 Dualglass media co-pleated with water removal scrim to produce a filter that can remove water while maintaining βx[C]≥4000 efficiency down to 1µ/2.5µ[C]. Available for all Spin-On and cartridge style filter elements.



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Dual purpose contamination removal

Hy-Pro filter elements with water removal media combine the best of particulate and water removal and can bring high water counts down and prevent any of the gel particles from being released back into the system, all while maintaining our βx[c] ≥ 4000 particulate removal efficiency you’ve already come to love. Water removal is available with any of our glass media selections from 1μ to 40μ.

Remove water: protect your system.

Emulsified water, very small droplets of water dispersed through oil, will often cause oil to appear cloudy or milky along with increasing its viscosity. Hy-Pro Water Removal filter elements pull free and emulsified water from your industrial oils to leave them clean and dry and ensure your system is operating to its peak efficiency.

Water Capacity by Series

Water PPM ~ Ounce Conversion

Moisture (PPM) x Fluid Volume (Gal) x 0.0001279 = oz of Water


2,500 ppm x 5,000 gal reservoir x 0.0001279 = 1598.75 oz water

Water Removal Element Capacity