Hy-Dry Desiccant Breathers

Protect your uptime, critical hydraulic & lube assets and fluid life. Hy-Dry breathers are critical in Hy-Pro’s Total System Cleanliness approach as a barrier preventing airborne particles and water from entering reservoirs and gearboxes.


Download the Hy-Pro Hy-Dry Desiccant Breathers Brochure


A breath of fresh air.

Atmospheric moisture is a continuous threat to efficient operations of your equipment and machinery. Hy-Dry Breathers utilize high capacity silica gel to remove water from the air before it can ever enter your equipment, protecting your investment and helping prevent fluid breakdown.

Unmistakable water removal.

As Hy-Dry Breathers adsorb moisture from the air entering your system, the gold silica gel gradually changes colors to let you know it’s working effectively and even give you a reminder of when it’s time for replacement.



Dual contamination prevention.

Each Hy-Dry Breather is equipped with an internal 2 micron particulate filter on both ends of the silica chamber to protect your system from airborne contamination. As an added benefit, exhaust from your reservoir flushes the trapped particulate from the outer filter and back into the atmosphere, making your Hy-Dry a self-cleaning powerhouse for contamination prevention.

Keep contamination in check.

Select models of Hy-Dry breathers come with dual check valves (0.1 psi / 0.007 bar standard) to prevent outside moisture from entering and greatly extending the life of your breather. 



The perfect fit for your system.

Hy-Dry Breathers come in a variety of sizes, connections, and other options designed for countless applications. Whether you’re installing on a small gearbox reservoir or on-board a high vibration mobile application, there’s a Hy-Dry Breather suited perfectly to fit your needs.

Total Systems Cleanliness

Used in conjunction with more robust particulate filtration, Hy-Dry Breathers are a pivotal component to achieving Total Systems Cleanliness and ensuring your equipment is protected from all forms of contamination.