Duplex Filter Assemblies

  • DFH High Pressure Duplex Filter

    DFH high pressure duplex operating pressures up to 3000 psi / 210 bar.  Ideal for critical hydraulic systems such as HPU pump discharge, wind turbine and marine hydraulics. 

  • DFN Low Pressure Duplex

    DFN duplex operating pressures up to 888 psi / 63 bar.  Ideal for continuous operation critical systems such as  turbine seal oil, boiler feed pumps, FD-ID fan lube oil.  Upgrade antiquated Auto-Kleen filters to DFN.

  • DLF/DLFM High Flow Duplex

    DLF / DLFM high flow low-medium pressure duplexes are ideal for critical high speed bearing lube pumping skids & other high flow or high viscosity applications. Hy-Pro DFE rated coreless filter elements.