DFH High Pressure Duplex Filter Assembly

The DFH series is designed to remove particulate and water from a variety of fluids including hydrogen seal oil, turbine lube oil, bearing lube oil, and FD-ID-PA fan lube. Applicable for wind turbine, boiler feed pump, mechanical/electro hydraulic control, and fuel handling systems.

Ideal for systems where filters must be serviced while continuous operation is not interrupted such as hydraulic, gearbox, and servo systems.

Max Operating Pressure: 3600 psi (248 bar)


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Elements that go beyond industry standard.

DFE rated advanced media technologies provide the highest level of particulate capture and retention capabilities so your equipment operates unimpeded by contamination. With media options down to β3[C] ≥ 4000, + water absorption, you get the perfect element for your application, every time.

Two positions, one result.

DFH housings provide unmatched in-line filtration with incredible ease of use. With a squeeze of the trigger and turn of the wrist, you’ll introduce a new element to your fluid while simultaneously valving the used element out of service to easily change and replace, all while your system continues operating at full capacity.


All duplexes are not created equal.

Air in any lube system can quickly cause failure and force you to take your system down for maintenance. DFN assemblies utilize internal equalization and external vent ports to automatically push oil into and purge air out from the unused housing without any added effort.