DLF-M Low Pressure High Flow Duplex Filter Assembly

Designed to maintain continuous filtration, even throughout element servicing, the DLF series filter assemblies provide two high efficiency, high capacity filter housings coupled by a user-friendly 6-way, 3 position valve that completely seals the system from the atmosphere. Use the DLF(M) to remove particulate and water from a variety of fluids and maximize your uptime.

Ideal for systems where filters must be serviced without system interruption such as hydraulic, gearbox, pulp and paper, rolling mill oil, bulk oil handling, and high flow return-line filtration.

Max Operating Pressure: 150 psi (10 bar)

Available options up to 450 psi (31 bar)


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One assembly, twice the filtration.

DLF assemblies combine two powerful LF housings to deliver lower ISO Codes faster than ever. With a turn of the lever, you’ll introduce a new element to your fluid while simultaneously valving the used element out of service to easily change and replace, all while your system continues operating at full capacity.

Built for industrial use.

Constructed from heavy duty carbon steel (standard) or the optional 304 or 316 stainless steel, the DLF filter housings are designed to excel in even the toughest industrial conditions. Multiround units go even further to provide increased capacity whether you’re operating with incredibly high viscosity oils or extreme flow rates.

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Filtration starts with the filter.

The oversized coreless filter element in every DLF delivers lower ISO Codes over a long element lifespan to ensure low disposal impact, simultaneously reducing your environmental footprint and your bottom line. To top it off, select elements come standard with an integral zero-leak bypass so with every filter change you get a new bypass along with peace of mind.

Seamlessly integrated into your systems.

Multiple connection options provide you with the ability to integrate the DLF directly in-line on your systems and get the most impact from your filtration directly where you need it.
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Inherently safe.

The true 6-way valve with internal pressure equalization and fill line allows for seamless transition of flow from one housing to the other. As the valve is repositioned, oil from the in-service housing is redistributed to the out-of-service housing to purge air before it can move downstream – meaning you maintain fluid levels, preserve system control and prevent cavitation of your components, all while ensuring your fluid stays remarkably clean.

Clean oil has never been easier.

Designed to combine incredible capacity and low maintenance, the oversized housing with secure swivel bolts allow for effortless element changes with all the parts kept right where they need to be. The top loading housing and post/nipple system provide incredible ease of use and make element installation and maintenance easier than ever.