PF2 High Pressure In-Line Filter Assembly

Ideal for a variety of applications including mobile applications, paper, and sawmills, power generation, general industrial machine tools, and automotive manufacturing. With HF2 compatible port-to-port dimension, mounting pattern, and element design to meet the automotive manufacturing standard.

Max Operating Pressure: 4000 psi (275 bar)

Download the PF2 High Pressure In-Line Filter Assembly Brochure


Filtration starts with the filter.

G8 Dualglass and PE glass elements are DFE rated to assure performance even when exposed to the toughest hydraulic systems and provide unmatched particulate capture and retention to remove contamination from your hydraulic and lube oils, for good.

Small size, huge results.

The compact size of PF2 filter assemblies make them the perfect addition directly upstream of your control valves and other sensitive components even in the tightest of spaces. And with two different mounting options to choose from, the incredible versatility of the PF2 makes it ideal for all of your high pressure filter applications.


Works under pressure.

Applications for the PF2 include mobile, general industrial machine tools, paper mills, sawmills, and speed control circuits for power generation systems. So whether you’re operating waste haulers, cement mixers, fire trucks, cranes, or CNC routers, you can be sure the PF2 will protect your critical components even when the pressure is on.