PF4 High Pressure Base Mounted Filter Assemblies

Hy-Pro PF4 pressure filters are designed for protecting sensitive components in hydraulic circuits. Install the series upstream of specific components or directly after the pressure pump to minimize risk of failure and costly system downtime.

Ideal for components that are sensitive to particulate contamination, such as the servo valve, and require clean pressurized fluid for reliable operation.

Download the Hy-Pro PF4 High Pressure Base Mounted Filter Assemblies Brochure


Filtration starts with the filter.

G8 Dualglass elements are DFE rated to assure performance even when exposed to the toughest hydraulic systems and provide unmatched particulate capture and retention to protect servo valves and ensure you’re operating at maximum efficiency.

Minimize the mess.

The top loading housing on PF4 filter assemblies provide easy and clean access when servicing or changing the element. Accessing the element is as simple as removing the housing cover, meaning you have no heavy bowl to lift and can get back in operation quicker than ever.


HF4 Compatible Design.

The PF4 series is engineered to meet mill and plant target cleanliness codes and required ISO4406:1999 cleanliness standards to meet hydraulic component manufacturers warranties. Available with HF4 compatible port to port dimension, mounting pattern, and element design to meet the automotive manufacturing standard.