PFH840 High Pressure In-Line Filter Assemblies

Hy-Pro’s PFH pressure filters are designed to protect sensitive components in hydraulic circuits. Install the series upstream of specific components or directly after the pressure pump in smaller systems to minimize risk of failure and costly system downtime.

Ideal for use on a power unit pump discharge filter or pilot filter directly in front of valves and actuators.

Max Operating Pressure: 9137 psi (630 bar)


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Dynamic Filter Efficiency

Hydraulic applications see dynamic flow changes on a regular basis. Dynamic Filter Efficiency testing takes the ISO 4409 Multi-Pass testing even further with variable flow shifts to ensure your filter elements stand up to real world conditions and maintain the highest capture and retention rates in the industry.

Industrial duty.

Standard mounting holes for optional brackets, stainless steel ID tags, a variety of indicator options, and standard drain ports make the PFH the ideal choice for heavy duty hydraulic filtration.



Unique applications.

With available nickel plating of internal components and coarse wire mesh media options, the PFH series is perfect for applications like drill rig mud pump and gearbox applications where water contamination wrecks traditional filtration. Even include Hy-Pro’s G8 Dualglass media with Water Removal to take out dirt and water and leave your equipment operating more efficiently than ever.

Minimize the mess.

The PFH series is available with Hy-Pro’s coreless filter elements that can be readily disposed of through crushing or incineration. The circumferential o-ring bowl seal eliminates leaking and weeping. For easy cleaning and service, PFH bowls comes standard with drain plugs.



Extend the life of your element.

Unique internal flow paths provide low resistance to flow, resulting in a low housing pressure drop. Hy-Pro’s advanced filter media delivers lower operating ISO Codes to eliminate internally generated contamination meaning your filter will have an incredibly long service life to protect your sensitive components better than ever.

The ideal choice for hydraulics.

Use the PFH as the main high pressure filter(s) in a hydraulic system or upstream of sensitive components as a pilot filter to protect your valves and actuators. The PFH series are engineered to provide lower operating ISO Codes than what is required for compliance with hydraulic component manufacturers warranties.