PFH92 High Pressure In-Line Filter Assemblies

Hy-Pro’s PFH92 pressure filters are designed to protect sensitive components in hydraulic circuits. Install the series upstream of specific components or directly after the pressure pump to minimize the risk of system failure and costly downtime.

Ideal for use in all high pressure and high flow hydraulic applications.

Max Operating Pressure: 6,000 psi (415 bar)


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PFH92 Element

Dynamic Filter Efficiency

Hydraulic applications see dynamic flow changes on a regular basis. Dynamic Filter Efficiency testing takes the ISO16889 Multi-Pass testing even further with variable flow shifts to ensure your filter elements stand up to real world conditions and maintain the highest capture and retention rates in the industry.

Industrial duty.

Standard code 62 port connections for high pressure applications. Mounting holes and bracket for head-up or inverted mounting options. Side-in / end-out “L-Head” port orientation make the PFH92 the ideal choice for heavy duty hydraulic filtration.



You choose the element.

Choose between a cored or coreless style element. Housings for coreless elements use a permanent inner liner, making element servicing and disposal easier. For critical applications where unfiltered fluid can not reach critical components, we offer high collapse elements with up to a 3000 psi collapse rating. The choice is yours to make.

Bypass and reverse flow check valve.

Hy-Pro’s PFH92 uses a unique bypass valve design that can be configured for a variety of bypass, reverse flow check, and filter element options. Whether you want a standard bypass and element or a non-bypass element with reverse flow check valve, we can customize a solution to fit your needs.



Installation made easy.

With the optional mounting bracket, adding the PFH92 to your equipment just got easier. The mounting bracket provides a solid support mounted to the head that can be bolted to your equipment. The standard lifting hook allows the housing to easily be placed into position during installation.

Minimize the mess.

The top loading housing on PFH92 filter assemblies provide easy and clean access when servicing or changing the element. Accessing the element is as simple as removing the housing cover, meaning there is no heavy bowl to remove. A hex nut on the cover makes servicing simple to minimize the downtime required to service the element.