TFR3 In-Tank Filter Assembly

Hy-Pro TFR3 in-tank filter assemblies are ideal for particulate contamination removal in hydraulic power unit return line and mobile hydraulic OEM installations.

Max Operating Pressure: 150 psi (10 bar)

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Filtration starts with the filter.

Advanced DFE rated filter elements deliver lower operating ISO Codes with high efficiency particulate removal and retention efficiency. With a range of media options down to β3[c] > 4000 + water absorbing options, you get the perfect element for your application, every time.

Inside to out flow.

The dirtiest fluid in you system can be found before the filter element in the filter housing. Here, contaminants collect in the filter media and unless disposed of properly, can wreak havoc on your system after element service. That’s why when you service the TFR3 element, which utilizes inside-to-outside flow, you remove all the dirt and contaminated fluid with the element.


Integral element bypass.

TFR elements include an integral, zero-leak bypass valve. Every time an element is changed a new bypass is installed eliminating bypass valve fatigue and leakage over time.

Minimize the mess.

With most of the assembly inside the reservoir, the top loading TFR3 housing provides easy and clean access during element service, no slippery spin-ons to handle. With the keyway cover and bolt arrangement lost parts during element service become a thing of the past.


Compact and sized for your system.

With three head sizes, multiple connection sizes, filter element lengths and diffuser options to choose from, TFR3 assemblies smoothly deliver clean fluids back to tank with a design that keeps things compact.

Eliminate aeration.

Smaller reservoirs with higher turnover and less settling time typically lead to aeration as fluids are churned and recirculated. The unique TFR3 element design minimizes turbulence and integral diffuser tube prevents aeration in compact hydraulic and high velocity return line applications by maintaining a column of fluid outside the filter element and above the fluid line to ensure your fluids are returned clean and without aeration.