TFRB In-Tank Return Line Filter Assemblies

Hy-Pro TFRB in-tank filter return line filter assemblies are ideal for mobile and industrial power unit hydraulic applications where the breather integrated into the filter head can save space to yield a compact solution.

Max Operating Pressure: 150 psi (10.3 bar)


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TFR-B_Head 342x230

Go beyond industry standard.

Advanced DFE rated filter elements deliver lower operating ISO Codes with high efficiency particulate removal and retention efficiency. With integral element bypasses and range of media options down to β2.5[c] > 4000 + water absorbing options, you get the perfect element for your application, every time.

Minimize the mess.

The top loading TFRB housing provides easy and clean access during element service - no slippery spin-ons to handle. A threaded cover allows for quick element changes with no special tools required. 



Inside to out flow.

The TFRB housings utilizes an inside-to-outside element flow, meaning all the dirt captured by the element stays in the element during service. They don't release dirt back into the system like traditional outside-to-in element designs that re-contaminate hydraulic tanks during filter changes. 

Dirt removal's never been so easy.

Packed with features including; easy service composite threaded cover, integral BT TRAP breather, industry standard 2-bolt and 4-bolt mounting patterns, additional auxiliary: inlet ports optional, integral element hold-down/removal handle (no-spring), integral bypass (new bypass with every element change).


Eliminate aeration.

Smaller reservoirs, high return flow and high velocity through outside-to-in flow elements add up to tank turbulence and reservoir aeration with poor air release. TFRB prevents aeration by diffusing return flow and creating laminar conditions inside the hydraulic tank.

Breather incorporated.

With typical in-tank filters, a separate connection is required on the tank to add a breather. With the TFRB, the breather is incorporated right into the filter housing making it simpler and easier to add a breather to the system. utilizing exclusive T.R.A.P. technology, the breathers remove both airborne moisture as well as 97% of particulate 3 micron and larger. Servicing the breather is tool-free and can be done in just seconds.