S75-76 Low Pressure Spin-On Filter Assemblies

Hy-Pro low pressure S series filters are designed for installation on the return line to remove contaminant ingested or generated by the system. Functions include off-line filtration (kidney loop or filter cart) and some suction applications.

Ideal for automotive manufacturing and assembly machine tools, mobile applications such as waste haulers and transit, filter carts and filter panels, and power unit return line/suction.

Max Operating Pressure: 200 psi (13.8 bar)


Download the Hy-Pro S75-76 Low Pressure Spin-On Filter Assemblies Brochure


Media matters.

DFE rated filter elements stay true to efficiency ratings and ensure the highest level of particulate capture and retention capabilities. And with media options down to β3[C] ≥ 4000 or β5[C] ≥ 4000 + water removal, you can be sure contamination stays exactly where you want it: out of your fluid.

Multiple configurations.

With a variety of connection types and sizes, mounting options, pressure indicators, media options and sample ports, there is a Spin-On assembly to meet the needs for almost any application.


Double duty.

S75D assemblies pack double the punch using two Hy-Pro Spin-Ons in a parallel flow arrangement. Ideal for high flow or high viscosity applications, these assemblies offer unmatched filtration surface area in a compact size.