MF Medium Pressure Filter Assemblies

Hy-Pro’s MF90 and MF110 medium pressure filters are designed to protect sensitive components in hydraulic and transmission circuits. Install the series upstream of specific components or directly after the pressure pump in mid-flow systems to minimize risk of failure and costly system downtime. Ideal for use as a charge pump discharge filter or a pilot filter, and to protect components that are sensitive to particulate contamination and require clean pressurized fluid for reliable operation.

Max Operating Pressure: 580 psi (40 bar)


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Elements that go beyond industry standard.

DFE rated advanced media technologies provide the highest level of particulate capture and retention capabilities so your equipment operates unimpeded by contamination. With media options down to β3[C] ≥ 4000, + water absorption, you get the perfect element for your application, every time.Hydraulic applications see dynamic flow changes on a regular basis. Dynamic Filter Efficiency testing takes the ISO16889 Multi-Pass testing even further with variable flow shifts to ensure your filter elements stand up to real world conditions and maintain the highest capture and retention rates in the industry.

Industrial duty.

Standard mounting holes, a variety of port options and indicator options, and a several length options with standard drain ports make the MF90 and MF110 series the ideal choice for heavy duty hydraulic filtration.



Easy servicing.

When a new element is installed in the bowl, special slots in the MF90 and MF110 bowls allow tabs in the elements’ locking grab handles to freely rotate as the bowl is threaded onto the matching head. In this way, the element automatically finds the proper orientation to engage its unique, proprietary seal with the matching seal surface in the head.

Unique applications.

With the unique element design, the MF90 and MF110 are ideal for applications with limited space for bowl clearance during servicing. Only 2.56” (65mm) of clearance is required as the proprietary locking grab handles retain the element inside the filter bowl during removal, automatically withdrawing the element from its seal as the bowl is rotated off during servicing. Simply pinch the locking grab handles to remove the used element from the bowl.



Minimize the mess.

The MF90 and MF110 series comes standard with bowl drains to minimize mess during servicing. Even better, this MF series retains the element cartridge using a slot in the bowl and locking grab handles on the elements. No need to reach in and pry off the used element, let the bowl removal do the work for you.

The ideal choice for hydraulics.

Use the MF90 or MF110 as the main pressure filter(s)
in medium pressure hydraulic systems or upstream of sensitive components as a pilot filter to protect your valves and actuators. Engineered to provide lower operating ISO Codes than what is required for compliance with hydraulics component manufacturers’ warranties, they are well-suited for hydrostatic charge pump filtration and power shift transmission applications