BF Breathers High Flow Particulate Breathers

Control airborne contamination and extend the life of other filters in your system. BF Breathers go beyond ineffective filler/breather caps to protect your system with high capacity, high efficiency pleated glass media elements. Combine with Hy-Pro Filter Assemblies and Fluid Conditioning Equipment for the ultimate in Total Systems Cleanliness.


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Let it breathe.

The same Hy-Pro Dualglass you trust to remove particulate from your hydraulic and lube oils pulls double duty in the BF Breathers by removing airborne contamination from incoming air as your reservoir levels change. Designed to withstand the constant flexing of hydraulic systems, Hy-Pro filter media is the hands-down best at capturing and preventing contaminants from ever entering your systems.

Tells the tale of your system.

BF Breathers are equipped with tattle-tale gages that capture the maximum vacuum level caused by rising and falling fluid levels to let you know exactly how your system is operating. And unlike those nagging kids, you’ll be more than grateful for this tattle-tale.


The perfect fit.

Whether you’re operating reservoirs with high cylinder return flows or large extrusion presses, BF Breathers offer the perfect fit for your system. And with numerous standard connections, you can set yours up straight from the box - no adapters required.