CSD Diesel Coalesce Non-Powered Filtration System

Remove water to extend fuel injector life and increase combustion fuel efficiency. The CSD is designed for direct integration into fuel delivery systems with pump flow and pressure already in place for easy, streamlined water removal through your existing system. Using high efficiency coalesce and separating media, the CSD will keep diesel free from water contamination down to 50 ppm in a single pass.

Ideal for construction fueling depots, tank farms and common fuel rail applications.


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Protect your uptime.

By removing water from your diesel systems, you’re providing the best environment for your equipment to operate efficiently and helping to prevent breakdowns and damage, saving you time and effort. CSD systems rapidly remove water down to saturation point, protecting your systems and letting you focus on the job at hand.

Media matters.

Cellulose media is known to break down under high water content, resulting in media migration and loss of coalescence efficiency. CSD’s 100% synthetic coalesce and separator elements contain no cellulose and feature a pleated synthetic configuration to maximize surface area and ensure your fuel rail and high pressure injectors will be protected and running more efficiently than ever.


Don’t quit your day job.

Designed for 24/7 unattended operation, CSDs with auto water drain technologies, available mechanically or electrically powered, provide you with the safety and security to know your diesel is clean and dry so you can forget worrying about your filtration and focus on the job at hand.

Setting the new standard.

Sampling and preventative maintenance are no longer optional, they’re a necessity. Knowing your diesel is clean is the first step in prolonging the life of your fuel injectors and critical components. CSD series housings come standard with easy-to-access sample ports in their proper positions so you can always know you’re putting clean, dry diesel into your systems.

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Combined filtration, double the power.

A properly sized Hy-Pro CSD plus Hy-Pro high efficiency particulate filtration will deliver diesel fuel cleanliness codes of 15/13/10 and better while maintaining water levels at 50 ppm. Pair your CSD with an LF housing in-line on your system and rest assured knowing your fuel injectors are protected.

Integrated results.

Installing CSDs in-line on your current system means you get powerful filtration exactly where you need it – directly upstream of your critical components. With standard models ranging up to 600 gpm, your diesel will be dry and components protected whether you’re on a small diesel tank farm or a massive diesel fired turbine.